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Tutoring in your own home, at your own convenience

Today's schooling doesn't allow room for individual learning, which means that students who don't suit the pace of the whole class can fall between the cracks. If students aren't achieving at the level they are capable of, their learning can stall, leading to boredom and frustration. Their confidence can suffer and they won't enjoy school as much as they should.

I can help. I offer personal tutoring in a range of subjects for NCEA and Cambridge International Exams, and can provide students with the skills and confidence they need to achieve their potential.

I'm based in Auckland and will come to your home at a time that suits you, for maximum convenience and maximum learning. Because the home is a familiar environment, it's where the student is the most comfortable – this is an important part of enjoying learning.

Ian Mander.





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11 April 2018 – Power Cuts (updated)

The storm that raged last night has taken its toll. The Homeschool Science Fair that would have been this morning was cancelled postponed until Wed 2 May due to no electricity at the Fickling Centre, which also meant no access.

What's more, according to the Vector power cut location cellphone app, up to 10 11 12 of my present students and as many as 14 16 17 24 27 of my former students are (or have been) without power. They are due to have it restored between midday today (Wednesday) and 6pm tomorrow midday Friday 10pm Saturday. I hope they all stay warm and dry.

I found bits of corrugated plastic scattered around five properties this morning. Close examination shows they were part of a roof, but I haven't found where the roof was or why it (apparently) exploded.

23 January 2018 – Back To School

At least one of the schools my students attend starts today. Now would be a good time to get in touch if you're pondering tutoring this year.

21 January 2018 – Insertion Into Orbit

NZ founded company Rocket Lab has successfully launched (video) its Electron rocket Still Testing into orbit, and successfully inserted three satellites into an 83° orbit, taking 8 minutes 31 seconds before satellite release. This was only the Electron's second test flight, and the orbit attained is a little more difficult than an equatorial orbit because of the extra speed required.

The test had been scheduled for yesterday (20 Jan) but had to be postponed after two boats strayed into the exclusion area down range of the launch site. Update – the day was not a complete write-off; it generated a classic Rocket Lab quote.

A third test flight is planned, launching into a sun-synchronous orbit (see polar orbit) at an altitude between 300 km and 500 km. After that, Rocket Lab plans to launch up to 50 rockets each year, although they are licensed to launch up to 120 per year.

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