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Tutoring in your own home, at your own convenience

Today's schooling doesn't allow room for individual learning, which means that students who don't suit the pace of the whole class can fall between the cracks. If students aren't achieving at the level they are capable of, their learning can stall, leading to boredom and frustration. Their confidence can suffer and they won't enjoy school as much as they should.

I can help. I offer personal tutoring in a range of subjects for NCEA and Cambridge International Exams, and can provide students with the skills and confidence they need to achieve their potential.

I'm based in Auckland and will come to your home at a time that suits you, for maximum convenience and maximum learning. Because the home is a familiar environment, it's where the student is the most comfortable – this is an important part of enjoying learning.

Ian Mander.





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18 January 2019 – Booking being taken

Another year beginning, and all the things to do that come with it. I'm accepting bookings, so now would be a good time to make enquiries about tutoring for 2019.

23 November 2018 – Solid state heavier than air flight

A team from MIT (the USA one) has claimed to have made a glider which can sustain powered flight without any moving parts. It uses "lifter" technology, which has been around since around 1920 but which hadn't before been successfully scaled up, since it produces lift of only about one to ten grams per watt. Lifters are normally run tethered in order to supply power.

There's a video of the test flights which explains a little about how it works, but it includes more crashes than successful flights. Sadly there's no known way to make the technology more efficient, so this event is unlikely to be as significant as the first heavier-than-air powered flight.

20 September 2018 – Into The Underworld

Into The Underworld is back on! An exhibition of laser scanned images of Auckland's lava caves held in Silo 6 in Wynyard Quarter, Into the Underworld (www.intotheunderworld.nz) gives a unique view of Auckland's volcanic heritage, and shows just how close our lava caves are to suburbia.

The images themselves are stunning, with some up to five metres tall, and others up to seven metres wide. The exhibition is open daily noon to 9pm and runs until Monday 1 October 2018.

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