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Today's schooling doesn't allow room for individual learning, which means that students who don't suit the pace of the whole class can fall between the cracks. If students aren't achieving at the level they are capable of, their learning can stall, leading to boredom and frustration. Their confidence can suffer and they won't enjoy school as much as they should.

I can help. I offer personal tutoring in a range of subjects for NCEA and Cambridge International Exams, and can provide students with the skills and confidence they need to achieve their potential.

I'm based in Auckland and will come to your home at a time that suits you, for maximum convenience and maximum learning. Because the home is a familiar environment, it's where the student is the most comfortable – this is an important part of enjoying learning.

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23 May 2019 – Neutristors

New Atlas reports: Neutron generators provide materials analysis and non-destructive testing tools to many industries, including oilfield operations, heavy mechanical production, art conservancy, detective work, and medicine. Many of these applications have been limited by the rather large size of current industrial and medical neutron sources. Now Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) ... has invented a new approach toward building tiny neutron generators called neutristors.

The neutristor is a small solid-state device which uses deuterium-deuterium fusion to produce a stable helium-3 atom and a neutron. The devices thus contain no radioactive substances.

D + D → n + ³He

Devices already exist which allow the production of neutrons on demand without radioactive iostopes of heavy elements, but they are "big and clunky" compared with the new devices, and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I thus believe this is a very significant step in the development of new nuclear technologies, of similar importance to replacing valves with transistors. Estimated production cost is US$2,000. See this video for more information.

15 May 2019 – Plastic in the ocean

An incredible 10% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by a type of bacteria that was only discovered 30 years ago, and it turns out chemicals leaching out of plastic can significantly affect how well the bacteria can do stuff, as explained in this article: The results were striking with the chemicals impairing the Prochlorococcus' growth, reducing its ability to photosynthesize, and altering the expression of a large number of its genes.

The tests were performed in a laboratory and with the limited amount of research presently done on the subject it's very difficult to know how the chemicals actually affect these bacteria in the ocean, but it does look like it's one more way we're polluting our planet.

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