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Electronic Components

A list of some of the more common components used in electronics, with symbols for circuit diagrams.

Electronics Glossary

A list of some of the more common terms used in electronics.


An explanation of what an LED is and how much voltage the different colours take to work. Because they are becoming so widely used in torches there is also some information about beam angles and white LED tints. Includes a list of commonly available high power LEDs.

Parts of a Computer

Input devices, output devices, computation, storage, communication, and other computer-related items.
Updated 16 April 2017.

Series and Parallel Circuits

A quick explanation of series and parallel circuits, and how to measure current and voltage.

Electricity & Electronics PDF (192KB)

4 pages on electricity, voltage, current, resistance, Ohm's law, batteries & cells, circuits, series & parallel, resistors, capacitors, inductors, semiconductors, diodes & LEDs, and transistors.


Silicon Amplification (in the Chemistry section)

With a solar panel as a power source, use a silicon transistor as a touch switch for a power LED.