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Old Power LEDs

These power LEDs are not so common these days, but the reference data might still be useful. The main Power LED table is on a different page.

Lumen rating at 25°C and LED tint is cool white unless otherwise mentioned. Beam angle is FWHM (full width, half maximum) – the width of the beam where the intensity drops to half the maximum intensity (ie, the intensity in the middle of the beam).

LED Type Description/Features
(beam figures are full width half maximum)
Common Efficacy Bins
(with linked examples)
Lumens at 350mA Lumens at Maximum Current Maximum Current
Generic power LEDs Ideal for night vision video camera illumination. Osram IR LED 700mA

(three die colours in one LED)

(three die colours and white in one LED)

per die
This is about as far as you can go in the visible spectrum before getting into ultraviolet. The human eye is really insensitive to light of this wavelength and output lumens claimed by sellers is normally grossly exaggerated. Violet LED (~0.0002) (~0.0004) 700mA
Cree XR-C Coloured versions available.
100° beam.
(620-630 nm)
(31-40) (41-54) 700mA
(31-40) 350mA
(520-535 nm)
(40-52) (48-63) 500mA
(465-475 nm)
(14-18) (18-23)
Cree XP-C Coloured versions available.
115° beam (white).
125° beam (colours).
Q2 87 113 500mA
Cree XP-E White and coloured versions available.
115° beam (white).
130° beam (colours).
1mm2 emitter area.
Red (unknown bin)
(620-630 nm)
(46-74) (85-136) 700mA
Amber (unknown bin)
(580-590 nm)
(40-81) (56-114) 500mA
Green (unknown bin)
(520-535 nm)
(74-114) (145-223) 1A
Blue (unknown bin)
(460-470 nm)
(31-40) (68-89)
R2? (cool white) 114 269
R3 (cool white) 122 288
Cree XP-E HEW "High Efficiency White." warm white (unknown bin) 94? 222? 1A
Seoul P4 132° beam.
1mm2 emitter area.
T 80 176 1A
U 100 220
Osram 3030 80° beam.
Unknown specs (and a search of the Osram site didn't turn anything up for 3030).
Very cool white (unknown bin) 100? 220? 1A
Seoul Semiconductor P7 130° beam.
4 x 1mm2 dice in one package; are connected in parallel.
C 115 740 2.8A in parallel (700mA per die)
Cree MC-E 110° beam.
4 x 1mm2 dice in one package; can be connected in parallel or series or individually powered. The 4 dice can be different colours (sold out).
K 104 646 2.8A in parallel (700mA per die)
M 120 751
Luminus Devices SST-50 100° beam.
5mm2 emitter area.
G 70 945 5A
Luminus Devices SST-90 100° beam.
9mm2 emitter area.
L 78 1,890 9A

For drivers to run power LEDs see the LED Driver List. For more lumen output figures see Cree Product Characterization Tool.