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Maths Grids

10x10 Grid:     

10x10 Grid, 2-12x:     


It's important for people to have good basic numeracy skills, including arithmetic and multiplication. Being proficient with these has a flow-on effect to other maths where it helps solve problems faster, leading to less frustration and a better sense of achievement.

Being able to quickly recall one's times tables means attempts to tackle problems are not bogged down with working out the numbers rather than working out how to solve it. It also saves a huge amount of time in exams.

Multiplication Grids

A great way to practice times tables is to fill in a multiplication grid and time yourself (or get someone to time you). Try to improve your time each day.

The simplest grid is 10 x 10 and has the numbers 1-10 along each side in numerical order, but to encourage the ability to recall the times tables in any order – as required in everyday problems – the maths grids in the PDFs below have the numbers in random order.

A good time is under two and a half minutes, and should be achievable for any intermediate school aged student with a bit of practice. An excellent time is under two minutes.

For a greater challenge a 10 x 10 grid can be used but replacing 1 and 10 with 11 and 12.

Alternatively a random 12 x 12 grid can be used. Good is under four minutes, excellent is under three minutes.


PDFs are available with practice grids, two grids on each page. Each PDF has a total of 14 grids.

These grids were created in OpenOffice using a Calc spreadsheet that automatically generates the random numbers for the grids. New random numbers are generated every time the file is opened. Also, any change to the file will also cause the numbers to update – for example, hitting Delete (then Enter) in an empty box. However, you may have to allow editing for the automatic random number generation to work.

All three grids ore in the same file – choose which one you want to print.


If you're having trouble with just one particular number in your times tables you can practice just that times table with these files. Each times table (up to 12x) has its own page, so you can print out the ones you need the most practice with.

The spreadsheet numbers are randomised every time the file is opened or changed.

Other Grids – Addition and Subtraction

Times tables are not the only maths skill that can be practiced with maths grids. Arithmetic can also be practiced with addition and subtraction grids. The random numbers in these grids also include negative numbers. Answers are included for each of the 7 addition and 7 subtraction grids in the PDF.

For more grids use the Open Office file. Every time the file is opened new random numbers are generated.