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Tutoring in your own home, at your own convenience

Today's schooling typically doesn't allow any room for individual learning, which means that students who don't suit the pace of the whole class can fall between the cracks. If students aren't achieving at the level they are capable of, their learning can stall, leading to boredom and frustration. Their confidence can suffer and they won't enjoy school as much as they should.

I can help. I offer personal tutoring in a range of subjects for NCEA and Cambridge International Exams, and can provide students with the skills and confidence they need to achieve their potential.

I'm based in Auckland and will come to your home at a time that suits you, for maximum convenience and maximum learning. Because the home is a familiar environment, it's where the student is the most comfortable – this is an important part of enjoying learning.

With regard to the October 2021 vaccination directive for home-based educators, I am fully vaccinated and have had a second booster.

Ian Mander.





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13 June 2024 – Quaden Bayles, actor

Quaden Bayles has come a along way since he appeared distraught in a video posted by his mother in February 2020. This year he appeared in his second movie, Furiosa, part of the Mad Max saga. Now 13, he played the part of War Pup. He's doing well. Really well. Read more at RNZ, where director George Miller praises Quaden for his quiet confidence and calmness in the midst of movie-making chaos.

8 May 2024 – Reading recovery to be dumped

The government announced recently (for example, in this Newshub report) that the Reading Recovery programme is to be dumped. I consider this very good news, for reasons I briefly looked at in July last year. And yet, this week I saw a letter to the editor in the NZ Herald bemoaning the loss of using pictures to try to figure out what nearby words are! If children are relying on pictures to figure out what words are it's because they cannot read.

For decades New Zealand has been crippling the educational success of our children by not teaching them how to read. I looked at some of the consequences of that in May of last year, such as one secondary school principal who has 5% of his students not even able to decode letters.

28 April 2024 – Maths fail, NZ Listener

In the 30 March 2024 edition of the New Zealand Listener the cover article was about reducing New Zealand's road toll by Greg Dixon. It was variously named Toll Tale (on the cover), Horror on the Highways, and Taking a Toll. At the end of page 19 was this doozy:

It takes less than 10 minutes longer to cover 100km at 80km/h than driving at 100km/h for cars, and even less for trucks (heavy vehicles have a speed limit of 90km/h).

Really? Let's do a calculation or two. First, a formula. Speed = distance / time. Rearranging, we get time = distance / speed = 100 km / 80 km/h = 1.25 hours = one and a quarter hours = one hour 15 minutes. 15 minutes longer ≠ less than 10 minutes longer. Maths fail. I don't even know how the author got less than 10 minutes.

What about for trucks? Trucks up to 3500 kg have the same speed limit as cars, so if we use the sentence as written we get the same 15 minutes longer calculated above. Let's change the sentence so it's not disingenuous: "... even less for heavy trucks driving at their speed limit of 90 km/h." A heavy truck's original time = 100 km / 90 km/h = 1.1 hours = one hour, six minutes and 40 seconds. 0:15:00 – 0:06:40 = 0:08:20 = eight minutes twenty seconds longer for a heavy truck. At last! This is less than 10 minutes longer. Of course, this calculation ignores the many heavy trucks which have magical speedometers which read 90 km/h when the truck is doing 100 km/h. I'm going to call this one misleading and an English fail (which are sadly very common in NCEA exams).

2 February 2024 – Present situation

Sorry, my schedule is now full and I'm unable to accept new students.


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Ian, you're the best science tutor ever!
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