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Hands-on chemistry rates highly for students. For example, in 2006 the New Zealand Herald found a study that showed the number one thing boys like to learn about is explosive chemicals. From my own experience, girls particularly like colour changes and rise to the challenge of making as many colours as possible.

I've taken this to heart when choosing demonstrations and experiments to tie in with course work. I've taught groups chemistry with Cambridge Exams syllabuses at AS Level and IGCSE, and also run courses for intermediate school age students.

Intermediate Age Chemistry Course

The textbook for the groups of roughly intermediate age homeschool students I've run courses with was Exploring the World of Chemistry – From Ancient Metals to High-Speed Computers by John Hudson Tiner, published by Master Books. The course tied the textbook material in with fun and relevant experiments that the students did themselves, sometimes individually, sometimes as a group.

These and other experiments can also easily be run independently of the textbook, and provide fun hands-on learning.


Acids and Bases