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The Christmas Story in a Hexa-tetraflexagon

What is a hexa-tetraflexagon? It's a four sided flat object (specifically, a square or rectangle made of paper or thin card) that can be folded in such a way as to reveal a total of six faces, not just the two that start as the front and back. The flexing involves folding it in half and opening it again from the other way to which it was folded.

Arvind Gupta (the "Toys From Trash" guy) made a video explaining them (which certainly makes them make more sense my explanation).

For Christmas 2015 I created a hexa-tetraflexagon that tells a simple Christmas story using Bible verses. From a cover page the flexagon can be flexed to two separate three-page story lines, about either Mary and Joseph, the census, and Jesus being born in a stable, or the shepherds and the wise men visiting them.

The third page in each story line is shared, but show a different Bible verse because the flexagon displays that face with the four sections in different orientations depending on how the face is arrived at.

The Christmas Story hexa-tetraflexagon PDF can be downloaded for free. It's rectangular, using an A4 sheet. Instructions on how to fold the hexa-tetraflexagon are included in the PDF. Sorry, I cannot guarantee that it will work well with your printer. Precision folding is really important, and you can expect the flexing to improve with a little use.