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2016 News

13 July 2016 – New astronomy pages

A bunch of new astronomy pages have been posted (including the latest on Planet Nine), old pages updated, and many new glossary terms added. Enjoy.

26 June 2016 – Names proposed for elements

This month IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) has proposed names for four as-yet unnamed elements. The proposed names are:

  • Element 113, Nh, nihonium (from a Japanese word for Japan).
    • Most stable isotope half-life 20 seconds, but with one more neutron it is predicted to be 20 minutes.
  • Element 115, Mc, moscovium (after the Moscow Oblast region where the Dubna lab is located).
    • Most stable isotope half-life of 220 ms.
  • Element 117, Ts, tennessine (after the state of Tennessee, United States).
    • Most stable isotope half-life 51 ms.
  • Element 118, Og, oganesson (after nuclear physicist Yuri Oganessian).
    • Most stable isotope half-life 0.89 ms.

The names are expected to be accepted by the end of 2016.

22 March 2016 – Magnet technology

Every so often I come across new (or old) technology that really amazes me. The magnet technology featured in the latest Smarter Every Day video amazes me. (The URL is pretty funny too.) The magnetic catch shown at 5:47 is particularly amazing. It features magnets that attract each other but don't want to touch, unless one of the magnets is turned 180°, whereupon the magnets click together and cannot be separated unless turned again.

PS. Roger Whittaker is 80 today.

21 January 2016 – Term one

It's not too late to reserve a weekly slot, but places are filling up quickly. If you're interested in a regular tutoring session this term please contact me immediately.

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