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Quest Physics Textbook Course

The group had already covered the first 10 chapters (or modules) by the time I was invited to teach the course.

Module 11 – Gravity

Module 12 – Electromagnetism

Van de Graaff generator

Module 13 – Nuclear Force

Chernobyl Meltdown

Module 14 – Waves and Sound

Module 15 – Light

Module 16 – An Introduction to Astrophysics (info distributed over several pages in the Astronomy section)

Text Book Errors



We have finished working through the book Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Dr Jay Wile (of course, he has a web site where he lists his other text books) and to celebrate the end we've finished with a quiz.

Congratulations to the quiz participants and thanks to the parents for writing bunches of questions.

Testbook errors

The textbook is a pretty good one, but as in any large volume, an occasional mistake has slipped through. I'm thinking of offering a prize if any Quest students can find an error (not already listed) and explain why it's wrong.


Dr Jay Wile... a long time ago!
(According to those who met him
at a conference.)